September 30, 2017
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Location assessments begin with assessment of the project location for potential unknown/known hazards and areas of concern. This includes the development of a plan to eliminate all possible hazards and increase safety, awareness and productivity of the job. Safety audits will consist of research and evaluation of the customer's current Health Safety and Environmental program, if one exists. Then a customized, comprehensive safety plan will be developed to meet all of the demands of the assessment that were discovered in the research and evaluation audit.

Some examples:
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Research of past, present, and future plans and programs
  • Fit for duty
  • Job safety analysis (JSA) development
  • Accident reporting and investigation
  • Root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Final Cause Analysis (FLA)
  • Behavior safety
  • Hazard control
  • Risk management
  • Loss control
  • HS&E audits
  • Field inspections
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Rules, roles and responsibility
  • Performance incident review
  • Environmental assessment
  • Facility assessment

Acute Safety strives to provide excellence in health safety and environment. Our success depends on our ability to provide comprehensive, innovative and customized service of the highest quality to our clients with consistent superiority in the HS&E industry.

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